Friday, February 22, 2013

Victims of wallet rape

It's about that time of year when Pisceans are being born and having birthdays.  And one of the traits of being a Pisces is being a bit psychic.  I was reading people's faces and all the guys walking from the lap dance area had that "I just got raped" look.

Tonight wasn't much different from last night.  Guys were completely stingy.  I was also able to read "I'm protecting my wallet" off all their faces.  I didn't make shit.  My hustle failed tonight.

My credit card running skills were good, though.  I figured out how to go run and grab my square without my customer running off without paying (because they tend to do that once they leave your sight).  TAKE HIS FUCKING CARD to the dressing room and get the phone and card reader.  It might make me look sketchy, but it is fool-proof on getting paid and it's not like I take it and make secret charges.  I like being legit.  Keeps me outta trouble.

One girl saved me from having a complete fail night.  We teamed up on a couple guys and she did all the talking and scored us a little cash.  She seems like a pro, I forgot to ask her how long she's been dancing, but it has to be longer than me.  

Why can't I be a natural seller?  I think I'm getting caught up in the "it's a shit night" mood and forgetting that I still have time to turn it around and make it a great night.

I'm probably still gonna take tomorrow off.  I shouldn't because my money says I should catch up.  But I'm not taking the risk of 4/4 bad Fridays.  My good Friday is tomorrow.