Sunday, February 17, 2013

Party on Saturday!

I forgot all that bullshit from last night and it worked in my favor.  Tonight started off a bit slow, but I remained vigilant and started making money later in the night.

The only bad thing that happened was someone tried to tip me with change.  He slipped 4 quarters in my panties and as soon as I saw that I just put the change right back in front of him.  WTF get a dollar from the door girl, jerk.

Saturday nights are always big party nights for everyone and so many people are drunk and/or high.  These two chicks snuck up on me while I was searching for customers and they started tipping me and dancing up on me.  Then one of the girls started rubbing her muff on me, getting into it... HOT!

I started to notice we were stealing the show and they pointed me toward their boyfriends but they were a bit spent by the time I got to them.  So I told them their girlfriends were wet.  Maybe they'll take them home if they're really done spending.

Lots of bachelor groups wanted me to "take care of" their man of honor.  Thank goodness.  They were easy money tonight.  Super drunk and high.  Right on, party it up.

Butt lift is paying for itself.

I wonder about some of the girls who always complain.  Apparently a few girls did so poorly they couldn't afford tip out... And I'm thinking, "how?  I made money, how was it bad for you?"

I guess I got lucky or my game was working tonight.  I've had horrible nights when other girls were making bank.  It happens all the time, so I guess I could relate.  The bouncer says I got good game.  I think I'm just getting better at my job.  Practice.  And butt lift.  I want to tell my co-workers, but only if they ask.  I shouldn't help my competition too much.  But then again I would like to do my workouts with a stripper buddy once in a while.

I smell like customers so I'm gonna get my hot sexy ass in the shower.  Tonight was awesome.  I love you, Saturday, thanks for being reliable!