Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Still grinding

Haha, this past weekend was good.  I lucked out on Saturday,  and Friday was a tough night up until the end.  Friday, I felt like I couldn't make a connection with anyone, and I was ice cold towards everyone because NOTHING about them impressed me, and I just could not fake it.  PMS?!

Must be, because Saturday I could've ravaged anyone, in a good way.  And I also had lesser competition because apparently girls must think Valentine's Day sucks and I could understand.  Nothing but beautiful straight couples, which seemed hard to impress, but I had to just go with it and make that straight girl go bi for a few minutes in front of her man.  Totally fine by me.  I love dancing for women and the trick is to make sure SHE is having fun.  Ladies first, all about the girls in my kind of club.  

Gonna go back to work again this weekend and hope for the same kind of luck.