Sunday, March 29, 2015

March and all its madness

Good god, it's been a busy month.  Real life and stripper life.  Well, Friday was kinda ugh except for one hero who saved me from a shitty night.  But Saturday was good.  Only one rapey customer.  I could have just killed him.  Grabbed my tit like a stress ball and would not stop hounding me for my phone number.  I almost broke down and gave him my club's number just to kindly reject him but pushed me too far.  The fact that I'm writing about him, paying attention to the memory of it all, just kills me.  The best thing about it though, is the fact that the rest of the night was a lot better in every way.  I finally got to dance with a cute Asian guy, he looked like my ex so much, smelled great, spent a lot... I was in space.  I think I like my job too much.  Or March is clearly the best month of the year hands fucking down!  My only regret is skipping as many nights that I did.  Just tired... Or lazy.  Both.  I just wanna sleep at midnight instead of work, but the money is just too good.  I'm a slave to this cash cow, even if it's only a few hours a week.  I think that's why I enjoy it and find it relatively easy now.  These last few months I've been very happy at work.  My judgment for creeper is almost 100%.  Only one guy I danced for was a complete jackass.  Lately I've been more choosy about who I dance with.  Probably because I come to work so fucking late, well after the rush has hit.  I just can't do dead club.  I'm dreading the rest of the year.  God.  Summer please don't suck.  I hope I'm out of this job soon.  I need to move on.  Fuck.  I have come so far in school and the field I'm training for is conservative and recruiters wouldn't like the fact I'm a nude lap dancer, and I'm getting closer to finding a new job.  As easy as this job is, I can't do it forever, and part of me is sad that it doesn't last, but the other part of me is ready to make money without taking off my clothes.  I have so much education, it MUST pay off.  The time for that is soon.  I'm sad I won't have fresh content for this blog, but like any story, it has a beginning, middle and end.  The end is near.  I wish I knew the phone number that loser customers can dial and it just plays a recording with some words of encouragement such as "kill yourself, you fucking pig, end it now."