Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday was much better

A delightful surprise, I did better tonight than I did on Saturday.  It was a busy mad house when I came in late, tons of bitches but because it was so slow at first, most of them didn't bother to stay for the late rush, which was quite fine with me.  More money for me!

One of the girls I work with dressed up like a naughty Sarah Palin, and she banked.  I should do that.

But I don't look anything like her.  Even when I wear my glasses, they aren't the same shape.  I would have to be another politician lady, but no one is as famous as the nailin palin character.

It started out very slow tonight, I wasn't getting any guys until I got sucked into a double with one of the best hustlers in the club.  She was so good at getting those fools to dance even when they were like, "No."

That didn't stop her, they eventually caved.  I couldn't believe it.  That never happens to me!  But then again I've got guys from doing that, but usually I walk away, give him some time to "settle in." Sometimes it pays off, but most of the time I end up fucking myself because he just takes the next girl that comes up to him.  But whatever, I should try hard all the time.

Well, tomorrow should be just as good, so good luck to me!