Friday, August 17, 2012

Sticky hot summer

I didn't work again for Thursday.  I'm being so bad.  Maybe I could afford those expensive shoes if I just went into work last night, but I'm not gonna drive myself nuts over that.

My gut was telling me it was gonna be another shitty Thursday with a million hooker bitches and no guys.

But today is Friday so I'm gonna go in rested and smoke all these bitches.  

My ass is lookin hot from all that buns of steel I did this week.  I still think my thighs are probably fat to their standards but fuck them, because my legs are quite squeezable.  I'm not made of beef jerky.  My juicy ass looks tastier anyway.

But seriously, I'm gonna do it smart tonight.  No booze, no drugs... Just gotta stay focused, busy, and most of all, FUCKIN SEXY!