Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thank you, God!?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

C'mon, hum that Usher song in your head if you know it.  I wanna set the theme right for tonight.  

I was a winner tonight!  One man seemed to have quite the disposable budget and got "addicted" to me.  I was vicious.  I took total advantage like a good corporate stripper.  Too easy.  

Thank you, Saturday night!  You were there for me this week!  

The club was packed with a lot of losers tonight.  If I didn't have that easy guy, I probably would've done terrible tonight.  It was hard to filter through all the bachelor entourages.  None of their buddies wanted to play.  So I was getting a little bit of crowd anxiety.  


Lots of lady customers came in and tipped me a lot on stage.  I love it when the ladies are good to me!  

I think I officially hate 8" shoes.  My feet fucking hurt.  One jackass customer said he was "eight inches" and I just laughed because I thought that about my heels.  I honestly just wanted to have an occasional red heel AND an occasional 8" pair.  And tonight's color was red.  So it was time to take the red 8-inchers out for a night.  

This jackass... He came to me, bugged me to get him off.  I didn't say I would, I just sold him a "dance."  He was being sloppy, drunk, rude, too rough, bugging me to have sex with him.  I just wanted it to be over and I got fed up after song 3 and he didn't want to pay because I didn't get him off.  And that's when I brought out my brass balls and got straight to business.  He was trying to get out of paying, lying to me.  I was not getting fucked.  I called him out.

See he paid me for two songs after song two, then suddenly changed his mind after paying and said he'd pay for another song.  And I really didn't want to do it, but an easy sell is an easy sell, so I did the next song.  I was tired of him trying to use me as a blow up doll and I just wanted to get the fuck away from him, but I wanted MORE MONEY.

So I said, "Look, I need to get on stage, this is my song.  You need to pay me for the last dance you said you'd buy."

"But I gave you (2x) dollars," the jackass retorted.

"No, you gave me (1x) dollars for the first two songs," I argued as I showed him the money I was still holding onto.  "So you still need to pay for the third song I just did."

"But I didn't get off."

"I never promised it would happen, just said it might."

He finally gave me the money and I took the fuck off.  Peace!  I fast forward walked away.

Don't fuck with this fish!  I am sharp, and I don't fucking play games.

I feel like a total bad ass.  I got paid to be hot.  I'm so spoiled.  I treasure these nights.  When I have bad nights I think of nights like this.  It's why I keep coming back.