Friday, March 29, 2013

There's the wall.

It's officially the end of the month.  I did shitty tonight.  All the bitches came to work, and not enough guys came to pay.

And the candy man was there.  Of course.  He is always there to see me do bad on a Thursday late in the month.  So I ate all his candy to curb my frustration in the same manner a chain smoker would smoke.  I'd make a few rounds, get the same bullshit excuses and raid the skittles.

I think I'm gonna do some butt lift to make up for the lack of exercise I got from working.  That'll cheer me up.  So would a good Friday.  God, tomorrow is "Good Friday."  I did so fucking shitty last Good Friday.  I hope that isn't the case this year.  We shall see.  I might dip out if it fucking sucks in the first hour.