Friday, March 8, 2013

Zero Thursday

I usually work Thursday nights, and I also usually skip them.  There's something about Thursday nights in the beginning of the month.  Almost every time I've tried working the first Thursday of the month, I failed.

Not to say March hasn't already been pleasantly surprising so far, but if the all the days were double digit numbers, I'd tend to stay away from the club on days that begin with zero.  Like Thursday, March 07.  I don't wanna miss Friday and Saturday, though.  I love the weekend.

Life has been good not working all this week.  I've been pulling the strings to get back into school.  There's this thing called taxes that I've gotta file if I want financial aid again.  I owe.  It sucks.  That's the price I pay for not working a McJob.  I almost want a McJob.

But I know nothing bad ever happens from paying taxes.  Uncle Sam is getting a little richer while making one more stripper a little poorer.  The tax evader in me hates my conscience.  I just think its totally unfair.  I think I pay enough tax when I buy shit.  Why can't that be enough?  Why can't my student loan payments be enough?  I recycle plenty of money back to the government.  Ugh.  Taxes suck.