Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck, green, Irish, drunks, D-bags

Awesome.  Tonight was just as good as last night money wise.  But the guys were much nastier than usual.

I started out good with a (wouldn't ya know it) Bostonian bread winner.  Even he was creepy, but tolerable.

Guys were really having a hard time paying full price so I was doing a lot of wheel and deal chains with guys that were kind of crappy to dance for.   They stunk bad and kept trying to invade my nipples.  Ugh get off my weak spots!  And for God's sake, don't lick me!

Let's not get me started on the people at the stage.  I'm getting completely sick of rubbing my boobs in someone's face for one measly dollar.  Even two.  But one guy turned his back to the stage, laid back and put a dollar on his face, and looked at me, waiting to come down to him and take that dollar off his face with my tits.  And there were plenty of other tippers willing to give me more dollars for less effort.  So I had more fun making more money, while laughing on the inside of how long that guy sat there looking like a stupid ass with that dollar on his face.

Another guy wanted me to suck on a lollipop and give me a whole FIVE DOLLARS if I stuck it in my pussy.  I told him I'd suck on it, but not shove it in.  I did a short little suck show and stretched out my garter to collect my tip and he wouldn't give me anything saying, "You didn't do it, not til you do it."

I stood up, said, "thanks for the lollipop," and moved on to the next paying customers.  People were so obnoxious.

I didn't have any dumb St. Patrick's day bullshit.  Other than every customer being fucking hammered.  I started the night out in pink and changed into my pretty green lingerie later in the night.

One guy tried to trade weed for a lap dance.  Tempting, but I can't have that shit on me in the club.  I could totally smell what he had, too.

This young hot shot (showing off his nice abs) was giving all the girls such a hard time about charging more money.  It's like, you get charged full or double if you're acting like a fucking douche bag.  So when he asked me how much one dance would be, I said $30, knowing he wasn't gonna accept that.  He was like, "No, that's bullshit," and walked away, looked at the manager and said, "How does this girl ask for $30 when I just got a dance from another girl for $20?!" 

My manager is super chill and said, "They charge what they want." 

The dude left.  None of us wanted his cheap ass anyway.  Business was too good to be stressed out over dudes like him.

I've had some kick ass nights lately.  Time to relax and treat myself.  See ya next week.