Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Signing up for school

...during spring break.  Yep yep, more things are falling into place.

I got my acceptance letter in the mail.  Even though I've already attended this college, it resembled the feeling of when I got my very first acceptance letter during my senior year in high school.  I didn't feel much accomplishment from it, but it's a sign of progress.

I got my financial aid filled out and my college has received it.  They just need to get my updated transcripts so I can see an advisor, pick my classes and go when it's time.  Fall is still a long time from now, but I know from experience that the fall semester arrives much sooner than later.

I love having the jump on these things.  I remember the pains of not turning in stuff on time.  No more stupid kid mistakes.  I'm much more grown up this time around.

I even started looking up free refresher courses for chemistry and other sciences.  Needless to say, it's been a while since I took chemistry.  I miserably failed the practice tests.

In other news, I've been half-assing my butt lift.  I didn't do it on the days I worked, but I don't feel too bad for substituting exercise from work.  I skipped Sunday for a hot salty bath and got back into it today.  Day 60 is coming up this week.  That's the time I'm supposed to evaluate my progress, take measurements and my "after" picture.  I never really took the "before" picture, though.  But I can say my tummy is flatter and my thigh fat is almost gone.  My ass is smaller, but it's still big enough to fail the stupid pencil test.  But not by much.  I still have a big, nice booty from all these workouts.

I'm pretty excited for what the future holds.  It's been a while since I've been excited about the future. I'm happy to say I'm going back to become a doctor.