Saturday, March 16, 2013

White Friday

It's like, the opposite of black Friday.  This is when all the guys are at the club.  Spring break.

I got a lot of college boys tonight.  And bachelors.  Not a lot of old men.  Figures since I work night shift.  11:30 to 5:15 tonight.  Not bad.

It was fantastic.  I'm going to enjoy the fuck out of March if I keep having nights like this.  Oh how I dread the summer, but I have a feeling that the economy is getting a little better... And maybe it won't be as painful as last year.

So to start my night out right I got on stage in my white lingerie... Funny how at least two other girls had the exact color scheme as me.  Black heels and white lingerie.  And on that stage, I made my house fee and then some.  Someone had made it rain!  Fuck yeah.  That was like FUEL INJECTION!


There were some dead spots in the night, let's make no mistake, I think there is always some kind of downtime in a night at work.  It's never at the same time.  And some girls were getting frustrated.  I could've been frustrated with them, but I just kept thinking, "I WANT this to be a good night.  All the odds are in my favor.  I'm gonna get a good customer tonight.  He is here.  We just haven't met."

And bam, wouldn't you know it, last customer of the night was a bread winner.  Another college boy. So young and stupid.  I'm starting to notice the age gap.  I was five years older than this guy, and I was laughing on the inside at how obviously inexperienced he was with women.  But he spent like a real gentleman for his age.  I know how it is to be a broke college student.

So yeah, I'm happy to be a stripper right now!  So happy that tomorrow is Saturday!  Time to finish strong.