Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Reality has mauled me in the face.  It's kinda like getting hit in the face by a truck. 

See I have a college degree now, since last August.  I try not to put too much personal information in this but I have a job interview tomorrow FOR A REAL JOB.  I'm too excited. 

I don't know how much it pays but I hope it's enough for me to quit dancing. 

I can't be working at the club one night and all of a sudden someone in management sees me on stage.  I wouldn't even have to see him for my career to be over. 

I danced my way through college, just like that tale you hear about some girls.  Well, I'm one of them and I can't be the only one.  So now that I'm done with college, it's time to make some money with what I learned. 

I'm scared shitless but I'm just going to have to put my game on.  I've never had a job interview like this before and the lack of experience is driving me nuts.  I just need to remember that I am qualified for this job.  Degree, internship, I never gave up. 

But giving up stripping.   Oh, it's gonna hurt.  >.<