Monday, March 7, 2011

I've been working, really.

Ugh, working as a full time student and a part time stripper can really get exhausting. I haven't had the energy or the willpower to write this weekend, and that is sad.


I still don't feel like writing anything.

I feel like nothing has changed. It's the same old shit, different day kinda thing. I put up with nice men and selfish-prick-ass-hole-douchebag-looking-for-a-cheap-whore men.

I made shit money two nights, and I made damn good money one night.

I would have said the same thing I've said before.

I feel like I'm detaching from my soul more. I work so much and I work so hard at school. I have no time for me.

I'm not coming up with excuses, now. I really can show you why I have no time, but I don't have to recall every detail, now. I am anonymous and I am a character, but I am real. And I think that it's dangerous for a girl to let the entire world know every dark corner of her.

Just know that Bella Hack is really a good girl, just sometimes does bad things.

What bad things? I'll tell you next post.