Friday, January 25, 2013

Best Thursday ever

I can't believe how tonight played out.

I came in late and I still banked.  The first thing I heard was my co-worker with the best tits going, "I'm just saying... Your ass should be illegal."  That made me smile so big.  She is so sexy!

I danced for a guy that looks like Hank from Breaking Bad, one of my favorite TV shows.

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"Hey ladies, look what I got!"

He was my favorite tipper.  He tipped me a $20 on stage and I gave him that "are you sure?!" look.  He said he wanted to get my attention.  Finally, someone who has the right idea.  He paid way too much for his dances and told me he was coming back tomorrow.  I'll be there regardless, but that would be good if he came back.  I could use another good night.

Another guy tipped me a $20 on stage.  He was completely smitten, too.  This butt lift must be working.  I hope it works this well tomorrow and Saturday night.

After that, I was happy with my earnings before the drunk crowd showed up, but I stayed long enough to catch a drunk Canadian bread winner.  I wish every night was this good.

So I'm gonna work tomorrow and ride this wave of success while it lasts.  The end of the month is almost here and all that time I took off set me back.  Maybe these next two nights will help me make up for that.  We shall see.