Sunday, January 6, 2013

This cake is crumbling.

I decided to stay home last night.  I feel insane skipping a Saturday, but I didn't want to have three bad nights in a row.

I clearly can't make money when I'm stressed out.  My feet fucking hurt from wearing new shoes for two nights, I'm yeasty, my toenails are chipped ALREADY... Maybe this just wasn't a week to work for me.

I really just want to be responsible about making money, and I hate that I can't control my income on some nights because on some nights the supply heavily outweighs demand.  And I'm a terrible hustler.  And everybody's broke.

A little astrology for those that care - My pisces ass was last in line for money, and it sucked.  The money cake was light and small and by the time I got to it, all that was left was crumbs and a half-eaten piece.

I need a new source of income.  I need to manage my resources better.  I need to get smarter.  I'm off to a very slow start.  God, I need to do better!