Sunday, January 20, 2013

I should like my job more

I finally went back to work.  I fucking killed it.  I knew tonight would be good, even though I didn't hustle one damn bit.  I did $20 dances all night, and no one fucking objected.  I had the best close out rate in a while.  It was very easy.

Apparently all the pie I ate while I wasn't working served me well.  Or maybe the butt lift.  Because my ass is big but getting better from the workout.

But tonight I played honest nice girl and it worked out for me.  I probably could have made more if I was hustling, but I wasn't willing to play that way.  I was convinced this one guy didn't want to dance and later I sat down in the seat next to him to stretch out my back and take a breath. I guess I looked endearing while out of character and he got a couple dances.  Sweet.  Yay for being sore and tired!

A lot of guys commented that I was the nicest girl in the club.  I felt like being candy; sugar sweet and dirt cheap.  And I still made a bunch of money.  It feels good to make some cash.  I'm glad I went in.