Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year, new approach

I've been on vacation from stripper land for more than a week now.  My soul feels much better but my wallet doesn't, but that's expected since soul and wallet are inversely related.  It's obviously time to go back to work because I'm dipping into my car savings to pay bills.  I want a new car, dammit.

I also want to do things a little differently.  I've run all the numbers from last year, my income and my bills.  Holy fuck, I have spent a lot of money on bills.  Student loans are a bitch!  I'm thinking about canceling my cell phone plan and getting a cheaper one.  I don't think I can cut out any more expenses because they are "necessary."  Like rent, gas, food and water. 

So how will I make more money this year?  I thought about adding Wednesday night to my work week.  I'm on the fence with this one.  Wednesday nights can be really dead, but that's not to say I can't make good money that night.  

I also thought about going to work a couple of hours sooner than I normally did last year.  A lot of the moneymaking bitches at work show up early, like at 8.  I used to show up that early, but I got impatient since most of the time it was dead between 8-10.  

Also, I'm gonna hustle harder.  Say goodbye to $20 dances, forever.  I feel like I lose if I don't charge more than that.  It's called, SETTLING.  And all the wisest people in my life have told me this phrase before: "Don't settle!" 

It's not like I wanna dance for only $20 anyway.  If he can't afford me, I don't want him.  I don't want to give out good deals.  I'll do everything I can to make it sound like a good deal, though.  I can just see myself saying to someone, "it's a good deal!" while purposely not adding "...for me."

It's a good deal FOR ME.

I hope this year is better, though everyone says each year gets worse.  Maybe I should get into a new business.  I wanna go back to school.  I keep saying that.  I might wait til the fall because I still don't really know what I wanna go back for.  I need a clear, attainable goal before I jump back into that pond.  

I need bigger balls, and I need to stick to my guns more.  

So the official new years resolution is to make more money than last year, go back to school, and budget smarter.

In a few words: get smarter.