Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Avoiding fail

I'm trying to be less butt hurt about last week.  I made pennies on Thursday and Friday night, and I missed out on Saturday night.  I already regret it.  I could've made up for it.  Or I could've failed again, I'll never really know.

The things I've been doing to avoid fail since then include baking and cooking.  Something just as simple, yet easy to fail at.  Two days ago, I made an apple pie from scratch, and it turned out so good, there isn't any left. Then my roommate wanted me to make raspberry cookie bars, and they are totally delicious, too.

I'm going to get myself fucking fired from the strip club if I don't start working off all this comfort food.  I think I had pizza for dinner, Chinese food last night.  I'm eating like a pig and it's gonna start showing if I don't start a triathlon.  I hit a bump on my bike the other day and I felt my thighs jiggling.  Omg!

I gotta get smart and make money somewhere else.  I should've went back to school this week.

This is the age when laziness strikes back.  I'm gonna be 25 soon.  I finally get cheaper car insurance. I can't think of anything else that's good for being 25.  I can rent a car by myself?  Whoop-tee do!

I wanna be a pimp, rent collector, or some type of owner.  They make big bucks just by taking other people's hard-earned money.

If only I could mind control people.  My naked mind-control spell has diminishing returns, especially when other girls are also mind-controlling men at work.

I need to do something not many other people can make money at.  Whored-out professions lead to insane competition, and I'm running out of tricks to stay competitive in the stripping world.  I wanna move, get my own house, grow my own food, catch my own rain water, raise my own animals, and live off the grid.   I know it's possible, just not easy.

I guess I better get used to things not being easy anymore.  Seems like every year gets harder.