Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tonight was better than last night. Yes!

And the beat goes on.

Another Saturday, another nice chunk.

I'm trying to think of what was special about tonight and I have nothing... Yet.

Accidentally scratched Death Drop on stage. Totally felt bad because I have sharp nails, and I didn't see her... Cuz she is a ninja and does a lot of sudden moves. But I love her. I hope she didn't hate my guts for that.

But I diffuse drama like no other. I can't fight with anyone. I doubt I could ever provoke a girl to fight me. Luckily I work with girls that wanna make money just as bad as me, so none of them would risk losing their gig at the club by getting in a fight.

It wasn't very busy tonight. Many people showed up, but it wasn't packed like it gets on most Saturdays. Stupid summer months. Hurry up Labor Day, I need my numbers to go back up. God, that's more than two months away.

Time for bed, it's getting light out.