Friday, June 15, 2012

Wow, no guys came in again.

Holy crap it's summer!

Not a whole lot of fish biting, if you know what I mean.

But I can't starve, so I had to stick with the feeding grounds I chose.

I think I did good tonight, with the competition being so stiff.

I caught one big fish at the end, in which I thank my own patience. Many girls were getting fed the fuck up! And I don't blame them. I was feeling that way when I wasn't catching anyone's attention. Every guy had a sexy woman attached to him. Good for the guys, not so good for me.

I stopped to talk to one girl, her name will be Body Builder, who was getting pretty restless. She said, "I'm just walking around in circles! This sucks! There are three girls to one guy in here. Welcome to summer."

I bantered with her because I could relate. "I know, this is time of year we really can't afford to take nights off."

She said, "I know! I actually have to budget, like what the fuck?"

I couldn't take that comment... I know we are strippers and we should make lots of money but budgeting is what normal people do, and it's certainly not as convenient as having an endless pile of twenties. But it's not 2006 anymore. These days guys just don't have much room for lap dances in their budgets.

I'm happy with what I get. I'm not rich, but certainly not poor, either. I'm not bitching tonight.

Wow, that's rare. I like this!

I hope I have a better post tomorrow. I bet I will.

Forecast looks good.