Saturday, June 23, 2012

What the fuck, Friday

All I heard from the girls tonight was, "I want to go home early, I hate these guys out there!"

And I was one of them! I didn't hate everyone, some of the guys were nice enough to hire me, some just wanted to talk, but most of the guys that showed up were the boys that talk the talk but can't walk the walk. They have NO money, constantly proposition me, and they usually stink.

These guys were trying to grab our "attention" in all the wrong ways. No money out, and they expect me to flap my butt cheeks up n down for them. And then when I ask for the money they want me to dance harder. UGH!!!

Then of course the poor boys ask me what I'm doing after work, trying to hit me up to go home with them. Nothing would please me more than to just take everything in their wallets and go home BY MYSELF and toss it all over the bedroom floor.

Then I would pick it all up and neatly stash it away for later use. It's not smart to leave money laying around. Though it's convenient to find money under the bed or in the jeans from the other day.

One more day of dealing with horn dogs then I am off the hook til next week. I shouldn't complain... I could be working 5 nights a week but I don't. I only work 3, maybe 4 if I'm behind on bills. So one more day of work is not so bad. In fact, tomorrow is Saturday and I look forward to it. I'm gonna kick some ass.