Saturday, June 16, 2012

I kicked ass.

I had another guy fall in love again. Maybe the extra ten pounds makes me that much more fun to squeeze. Because he LOVED my body... Couldn't get enough of it. And I couldn't get him to stop spending his money on me... Ahh!

I was so brutal! I made more money than I expected, which is always a good feeling. And because the last two nights were so tough, it makes tonight feel that much sweeter.

It also happened to be Friday. The feeding grounds are just more plentiful. Something would've been going wrong like last week if I didn't do better than my last two nights.

With that surge of success I'm going to be lazy and take tomorrow night off. Though I would probably do awesome because I would be on fire.

But I have a killer show to see. I'm taking my mini vacation now.

I'll try to remember to post but I usually get the motivation to write right after my shower and meal. But I go back to work Wednesday. I'm gonna try hump day one more time this month.