Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's summer. Time for a vacation.

Things are back to normal for me. Same old Saturday night in June. I remember money gets tough this time of year. Everybody blows their cash on vacation with their stupid families.

Blow it on me! Blow it ALL on me. (picture me on my knees leaning back saying that haha)

I'm due for a vacation, I tell ya.


Good lord I HATE hustling. I love dancing and being naked and all, but god dammit when that fucker does not put cash out, it's like. I'm doing my part, now do yours and we continue this cycle til however long you want it to go.

Grr, this economy STANKS.

I talk to girls who have been stripping since before 2007 telling me that it really is a big difference. There aren't nearly as many guys with money these days.

But the beat goes on. Pussy sells and it always will.

I only caught one big fish tonight, and a few small ones. Including this one Hispanic fish. Who was a TOTAL fucking cheap ass to me, and I thought to myself, "THAT IS IT. I'm getting my fucking money up fucking front I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE." (Steam comes from my ears) I was feeling a little insane at that point, not gonna lie.

I like to watch the news when I write my blog. Sunday mornings are so funny. They roll the dumbest fucking stories. I just wanna call them and say, "Slow news day, huh." It's all bullshit. Talking about high school, local bands, stupid dogs, the dude with the newest prosthetic limbs... EVERYBODY LOOK, THIS GUY HAD HIS LEGS BLOWN OFF OVERSEAS. Here is his 60 seconds of fame.

I met a certain sports journalist tonight. I thought I had him in the bag but I tell you, this cutthroat business gets me all kinds of green, some not so good shades. I don't like when my envious side comes out but the chick who looks kinda like me got him instead of me. He came in last night and the same thing happened! I really hate my timing, I just wanna repeat that. I HATE MY FUCKING TIMING. That is the one thing that kills my money time and time again.

Did I mention I'm due for a vacation? It's coming. I'm taking next Saturday off and I'm going to see an amazing concert.

Goodnight, hit me up, I need more love, thoughts, constructive criticism, other insights, information...