Thursday, December 18, 2014


A month of joy for many, and a month of SPENDING on everything but lap dances... 

So this is the month where I have been trying so desperately to convince myself it's not shitty, even though the club has been mad slow for MONTHS or maybe my game has slipped while I busted my ass in school, sacrificing work nights to have enough energy to earn the grades I need to be taken seriously in my next career.  So yeah, I've been spending a lot of time on school and I'm loving all the shit I learn.  It's fun and interesting to apply knowledge from business school to stripping concepts.  It inspires me to revolutionize stripping.  But before I write down all my hopes and dreams, let's get back to the club.  

Tonight was not a bad night.  I'm working extra hours to make up for all the shitty one-night-a-week income before Christmas robs me.  I don't normally work Wednesdays but it was Wednesday on a whim and I did a fuck ton of lap dances tonight.  Bah hahaha my ass doing the work for me.  I think it's "micro bootie shorts" that make my ass look amazing.  Every time I went on stage it yielded a dance or two after getting off.  Haha.  The club was slow but I wasn't having trouble staying busy.  

Idk what it was but I just refused to believe Wednesday night was gonna be some bullshit weeknight.  I swam with the sharks that work every night and it happened to be a good night for me, because I played tonight like a clean run of Mozart's Turkish March!  Hardly any downtime, just perfectly paced, and no big fuck ups.  I've also had time to play the brain games... Maybe that's why I was so on point tonight.  I've also had time to rest, and watch Netflix... 

I love the semester break!  It's much needed.  Funny thing about school topics integrated into stripping... Last weekend was mostly shitty, like tonight I did better than I did on Friday and Saturday night.  But the one not-shitty moment on Friday night I met this hot tech guy from California and it was so much fun to impress him with all my knowledge and experience with databases!  He was the kind of guy that makes this job hardly feel like work.  Too bad I never saw him again.  Perhaps it's for the best.  I am already spoken for.  It is a job, after all.  Maybe it's a job that one shouldn't be too good at.  Once I leave that club, the mask comes off, the game is over, back to being plain old me, who needs to pay those pesky bills and has the body to do it successfully.  I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  It's been a good run.  I'm gonna work tomorrow night then it's off to vacation land.  I'll probably work New Years after that.  Christmas is gonna leave me dry and I've taken off the last few new years.  I hear good stories from some chicks.  Maybe 2015 is when my tide comes in!  I gotta hit the gym!  I want to look good when it comes.