Friday, April 1, 2011

Successful switch

Now that's more like it! Today was my first day working at the nude club and I pulled in a good amount of cash. Let's just say you would cry tears of joy.

I'm not quite there yet but I know I won't be homeless. Rent was due today but I have until the third to pay it. At this rate I will have some to spare after work tomorrow.

Working nude doesn't feel any different than topless. There is no smoking in this place, which I find surprising. But it's great because my hair doesn't stink like cigarettes when I get home. Since it is full nude, they don't serve alcohol, which is great because now I don't have to worry about becoming an alcoholic. Drinking three times a week got me into a little habit that I never asked for.

The only thing I will miss from the titty bar is the spinning pole. This pole I'm working now doesn't spin and I can't spin for days like I used to. So now it is time for me to learn new tricks. I was surprised I could still do some cool moves even though I'm not getting dizzy. I'll miss it for sure, but not enough for me to go back to that fucking whorehouse.

Goodbye shit show. I'm working at a real club now.