Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bipolar weekend

I knew mother's day would make my weekend suck somehow.

Friday night was great for me.  The club was kinda dead but the dudes in there just loved me, and they were all kind and generous and I made lots of money, it was a good night to be me.  Just pure bliss.

Saturday night, however, complete opposite story.  I really almost wish I stayed home.  My poor, delicious ass got assaulted by a bunch of young black people for less than $10 on the stage, someone most have been wearing a ring because it stung and hurt so bad I just couldn't keep my cool.  I fucking hate it when people aren't considerate enough to know that I'm a human being WHO FEELS PAIN.  I got up and walked away from them, didn't say thanks, don't care if they think I'm a bitch.  I hope they knew they were being assholes, because another dancer told me they did that to her too.  I had to leave the club for like an hour to cool off; I was getting hormonal.  PMS = Pass My Shotgun

I came back to work, telling myself I'm not crazy.  I just needed to act like a responsible adult and go back and sell dances.  I figured the crowd had changed up and those black people had left.  When I walked back into the club, sure enough, they were gone, and there were plenty of new faces and interested looks.  It wasn't long before I was doing lap dances for decent guys.  One guy tipped well, enough to offset my disgust at the other low-ballers.  One of them was a hot tennis player so it wasn't so bad and the other was this young guy from Saudi Arabia who had breath that smelled like pure shit, and of course he was the one who wanted a chain dance.  I almost didn't want to make money off him.  Almost.

I finally got home early this morning and the first thing I did was shower to wash that stink off of me.

Yesterday, I would have said I love my job, but tonight reminded me why I need to hurry up and get the fuck out of this industry.  I'm just so over the bullshit.  I don't like it when losers treat me like meat.  I took way too much shit tonight and such few dollars to show for it.  Maybe I should switch to phone sex or play therapist for a few nights.

I think I might pay my therapist a visit.  Interesting how the past weekend resulted in such a wonderful high on Friday and a terrible low on Saturday.  I really hope next Saturday breaks the cycle of shitty Saturdays.

Anyway I'll try to lighten up.  Summer school will keep me distracted from stripper stress.