Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just trying to have fun

Well, no big fish for me tonight, but a lot of small ones and a lot of big tips.  I got two people to tip me twenties on stage.  Fuck yeah.  And a lot of fives too.  Overall, tonight was good.  Dealt with a lot of pigs and just tried to keep taking money.  Some of the guys weren't too bad, and it was nice when they made my job feel easier.

I finally got to thank Super Stripper for her advice from last month.  She was so excited.  She was like, "I told you!  I knew it would work.  Girl, you got that ass, no one can say no!" 

Shit.  My ass has been getting fat from my lack of working out.  Trainer is on vacation so I've been living the fat life.  Cheat day became cheat week.  I've been too busy to cook dinner, and all this restaurant food is making my ass grow.  I better cut that shit out before it travels to my tummy and gets me fired.  Fuck I can't wait to quit.  It sucks being required to be thin.  I love to eat and I've been so busy I'm too tired to work out.

So that translates into my ass being bigger and juicier and it's kind of working out to be an advantage, because it was a very young, douchey crowd.  But there were some ass men.  I'd say the best dance I did was for a black lesbian.  I loved riding her clit and she loved my ass, so it was fun, hehe.

School has been rough, so it actually felt good to let my hair down and still make money.

Hope you all are having a good night.  Time for a shower.  Some guy I danced for stunk really bad.  I wouldn't be surprised if I end up with a bacterial infection.  So if you'll excuse me...

;) goodnight love ya