Saturday, July 19, 2014

Slow and frustrating

Just like traffic.  Tonight sucked.  Too many girls, not enough money, sigh.

No heroes.  Just a few good looking men, but they weren't paying good, so that was kind of lame.

Summer is settling in.  August will probably be total garbage.  I hope I don't cry and go into a PMS rage like last year.

My poor ass was getting a lot more smacks than usual.  I fucking hate it.  My super ass is a curse as much as it is a blessing to me sometimes.

Some young guy asked me to walk him to the ATM and then he didn't want a lap dance from me, and then asks me if I can go find Candice and have her meet him near the palm tree on the other side of the club, and I thought, "You haven't given me a fucking dime, so screw you, I'm not your fucking hostess who will just totally drop everything and help you out for free, especially if you want to spend that money you took out on some other bitch!" I didn't even know who Candice was, so I honestly couldn't help him anyway.  But I felt like a lot of guys wanted to wear out their welcome tonight, and it was exhausting since the money was slow.  Like, way too many creepy lingering ass grabs for one stinkin dollar, it's just not enough.  It should cost more for people to touch my body like that.

Ok.  Enough whining. I honestly want to do more lap dances, so I hope I'll get to tomorrow night.