Sunday, July 6, 2014

Holy dead club Batman!

Since last night was the 4th, it was much slower.  I didn't expect anything great this weekend, but surprisingly I didn't end up doing that bad.  Always very slow at first, and it seems like when it gets later, the money gets better.

I've been busting my booty trying to stay thin so I don't get fired.  I fucking hate that my metabolism isn't as awesome as it used to be.  My love for fattening food is what will end my career as a stripper if I don't hurry up and get a real job.  I've been so hungry all week!  I can't stop eating.

One guy had a lot of money to burn because he won some cash at the casino.  I love guys with good luck lol.  What was the most interesting is that he didn't stink like most of the men I dance for.  It was "refreshing." I got my creep on and enjoyed the smell.

I've been really trying to improve upon my business model as a stripper, as silly as that sounds, but I've been concerned with customer service and revenue.  I wanna hustle but I don't wanna hustle so hard to the point that I lose future sales.  It's tough to gauge everyone's budget.  I honestly want people to be happy they got a dance with me.  So they'll want more.

Here's something to make fun of: this clown, and I'm sure there are lots of dudes like these, but this guy who says I'm so hot and says he used to date a stripper so he knows how the game works.  So instantly I realize he is worthless in my book, and he still thinks I think he is cute, but in reality I thought he was disgusting and wondering why his hands were so sweaty.  Ugh!  Gentlemen, please keep your hands clean and dry, that would be ideal, kthx.