Sunday, June 29, 2014

Awe, come on!

That's all I've been thinking all night.  Tonight was the most pitiful night of the month.  Fuck June, fuck summer.  I'll probably wanna die by the end of July, and August is historically awful.  Well, last August I only worked weekends and I must have lucked out on a lot of those nights, because it's always been very dead with too many girls working.

Which brings me to my next hilarious story.  My boss told me to tone up because boss man has been cutting girls left and right.  I'm hoping she only told me that because she likes me and doesn't want to see me get fired.  I mean, I know I've been slacking on the cardio, but nothing gets past my boss' unrealistic expectations for "skinny." He won't have fatties working, but I still think I look pretty damn athletic.  I don't need that shit, but I'll listen to her damn advice and straighten up.  I'll be hitting the treadmill every Monday through... Sunday.  Honestly, my big ass and thighs are gonna be the end of my stripping career, despite how much literally every customer and co-worker loves them.

And sadly, no real money heroes tonight, which means I took home a lot less than usual.  It's still better than waitressing, but god dammit I get naked and give people lustful trips.

I'm gonna have to up my hustle, and clearly not just the money hustle, but my gym hustle as well.

And that's another part of my job that really sucks, the pressure to stay pretty and thin.  And I just made a fucking pie, too.  It's gonna have to be my last one for a while.  :(

And summer is just getting started.  Fuck being skinny.  I wanna eat what I want!