Saturday, June 28, 2014

Train Wreck

I wish I could smoke some train wreck right now.  After tonight, I could use some high-powered bud.  For like the first 4 hours of my shift, I was making "kill yourself" money, just unacceptable levels.  The "I won't be able to pay my bills" kind of low income.  :(

Not to mention the constant rejection.  My approach must be horrible, or 99% of the guys that showed up were absolute stingy douche bags that happened to love my ass.  Well, they could all tell me but not show me.  I should lower my expectations, especially for younger men in groups, just all so full of fucking shit!  Dollars in their mouths, rather waste their money on blow and liquor than lap dances, even though they would be missing out on a much more exciting trip.

The club was rather empty with too many girls working, so that made it worse.  All the hustlers got the easy guys before me.  It's just the summer settling in.  Not only will we be sweating our asses off the next two months, but we will be sweaty and broke.

So maybe tomorrow night will suck, maybe it will rock.  I hope it rocks, because I have needs.  Those needs would be for cash.  I need a hero.

Have a happy Saturday!