Saturday, August 16, 2014

August heat

Oh thank goodness.  Last night did not suck for me.  Yay!

Lots of ass men showed up and I didn't have to work too hard, though at first it seemed like I did.  Some Asian men were there and one man had his eye on me so I asked him if he wanted a lap dance but he didn't know English and his translator friend asked if I'd do one for the lowball price.  I agreed, but didn't take the cash up front (like the risk taker I am) and before the song started, the guy wanted to just grab grab grab and I was thinking, "No, I'm not starting my night out feeling raped for $20, this guy is way too invasive."  I got up less than a minute into the song, got up and said, "I changed my mind, I don't feel like dancing anymore."   The man didn't even speak English, so I have no idea if he understood me, but I just couldn't dance with that guy for $20 when all he wanted to do was touch my pussy and pull off my nipples.  I hate that!  It just wasn't worth it to me.  The language barrier also made me feel very uncomfortable.  How can I tell this man to stop touching me like a pig if he doesn't understand English?  I don't know Chinese.

Another good reason for me to stop and move on to another guy was because the club was flush FULL of customers, and I just knew it couldn't be that hard to find a gentleman instead of a pig.  And doing a dance for the lowball price when there are potentially better paying customers out there, I just needed to prioritize better.  It didn't take long to start making money.  After that little speed bump, my night got better and better.

I really hope tonight is a good night too.   We shall see.