Sunday, August 10, 2014

Came down with something

A bad case of the fuck-it's.  Last night I left for a lunch break and when it was time to go back, I felt too tired to want to try again, even though it was Saturday.  Looking at what I took home, I regret it, but factoring in everything else about last night, I'm glad I stayed home.

I'm sick of creepy people feeling my tits in the most creepy manner.  Even thinking about South Park's version of Mel Gibson doesn't make me smile and tough out the weirdos as much as it used to.

I really can't wait for my first day at my new job/internship.  Stripping was not addictive this week.  If every weekend was like this past weekend, I'd never want to continue working in this industry.  The demand for lap dances was so low, especially compared to the high supply of broke lap dancers.  Competition is such a bitch, and I know it always will be.  :(

The only enjoyable experience I had dancing for someone was this Latina woman who came in with her husband, whom didn't really partake in her lap dance.  It was mostly me and her, and the way she touched me was more like how I wish all men touched me.