Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That thing called school

I'm done with it now.  Time to get to work, dig myself outta debt, and enjoy my life.  I hope I can retire from this ASAP! 

I've realized that I'm just SO BORED with this job.  It's the same, mindless conversation after the next.  I just want to say, "alright, give me your money so I can rub my naked body on you."  Just get it over with. 

I'm so sick of these ass holes that come in and I'm so sick of all the bitches and hoes.  Guys, if you're not going to spend money, get the fuck out.  Girls, keep the dick out of your holes, you don't need to do that.  If you need to, you can work outside on the street.  Keep that shit out of the club, please.

I don't wanna act like I'm too good for the club (actually I do), but I know my brain can do way more than what I'm doing now.