Monday, December 16, 2013

Losers from the past

I shouldn't have danced in the same town I grew up in.  Only because every once in a while, I'll run into someone from my pre-stripping past, like dudes from my high school.

Last weekend, while on my usual hustle, I approached a group of guys who seemed like actual paying customers.  Apparently they went to high school with me or they knew the guy who did.  They asked me if I knew the guy, and I immediately got turned off when they said his name, because he kept mistaking me for some other girl from our school who looked like me.  Thank goodness they think it's her instead of me, because it's fucking hilarious watching them try to call me out when they've got the wrong girl.  

It didn't really matter to me that they thought they knew who I was, but every time I bugged for a dance, they'd deflect and keep bringing up the past.  I asked three times, they deflected three times.  Three strikes, they're time wasters.  So I started getting snippy, because I just wanted to work, and these guys are trying to make it more awkward for me.  I fucking hate that!  So I ignored them.

About 20 minutes later, one of the guys approached me and asked how much a dance was.  Following my own advice from a few posts ago, I said, "for you, $30."

He paused for a moment and said, "I'll think about it."

"Ok, you do that," I replied.  

I could've done one for $20, but I'm starting to hate myself every time I agree to that deal.  I feel like I'm the one being hustled for that price.  A lot of guys try to bargain with me, so if they want to pay bottom price, they gotta get more than one song, and two for $40 isn't much better. 

During my next round, I saw the guy and asked him if he had thought about it some more and if he was ready to dance.  

"I only have $20." 

"Oh, ok, well let me know when you have $30."  *peace*

That's another one of those lines I RUN from.  "I only have $20" means he's not the customer you want.  I want customers that just want to keep getting dance after dance, not concerned with the cost.

Someone asked me, "why $30 and not $20?" 

It seemed so easy to answer.  Without missing a beat, I said, "because $20 makes me feel like I'm selling myself short." 

Plus, I won't complain when guys get grabby as long as they paid good.  I won't allow grabby for only $20.  They gotta pay if they wanna play.  

The point I try to make is that we dancers respond to incentives.  The more a guy pays, the more grabbing I'll allow.  It's a hell of a lot harder to make money off someone who pays $20 than someone who pays $25 or $30.  That's why I'll shut down $20 offers.  

But sometimes there are nights when there aren't enough customers and too many girls working.  Sometimes dropping the price to $20 is necessary, but it's really a last resort.  I'd only agree to it if it's been too long since I sold a dance.  But they still get my watered down, no touching dance for being cheap.

Anyway, I lost that sale because my dances were too expensive for him.  It doesn't really bother me, especially when I think about how I saved myself from wasting time with someone who obviously doesn't respect me.  Fuck that.  I'm at the club to entertain gentlemen, not losers.