Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Time for break

School is out for Christmas.  I wonder when society will reinvent the holiday schedule.  It's poorly timed.  I need money.  That "buy presents for your loved ones" pressure compelled me to spend and next month is January.  It feels like the most expensive month of the year.  And last January did not go so well, especially financially.  I still remember those tears.

Someone even commented on my nightmare post that I need a vacation.  I'm listening.  I'm debating taking one of the next two weekends off.  Question is, which one?  The weekend before or after new years?  I'm not working new years, don't try to convince me.  That "holiday" belongs to me.  I deserve one party night a year for sacrificing my weekend nights for cash.  This year it's right in the middle of the week.  I'm just going to drink, stay inside, and be normal.

I would feel irresponsible if I took both of those weeks off.  I want to save my energy and my money but the bills won't stop.  Energy is all I have.  I have a feeling that if I take the next two weeks off, it will be beneficial to my school life, with a clear, well-rested mind and body.  Plus the sheer boredom and lack of income will probably make me that much more enthusiastic to return to both school and work ready to command, grind and conquer.

But I have to consider that if I attempt to work, it will probably be a shitty night knowing that all my super-spender co-workers will be hunting for end of month cash and the club has no guys.  I don't need that, my sanity doesn't need that.  I'll be kicking myself for not taking that conveniently timed vacation.  Or I could make enough cash to ease the burden of paying for January's expenses.