Sunday, January 26, 2014


Woo hoo tonight was super busy again!

The club was FULL of jackasses.  Omg.  Like think about the dudes from Jackass.. Except they're straight.  Dollars in their mouths, WASTED, all got their ones out but not really handing them out, all of them were trying to access my ass without really tipping what I wanted, so I moved on to the other stage patrons.

But I was still within reach of the last jackass of that group, and he kept backhandedly smacking my ass so I bent over again, setting up the tease.  I grabbed my bra out of my pile of ones and snapped it in his face the way you'd snap a wet towel and I got him good!  RIGHT IN THE FACE!  It felt so good to retaliate!

What was even better is that he seemed to have liked the gesture, so I didn't get in trouble, because I totally know we can't exactly "hit back" but this time the risk paid off righteously.

I also totally had to play operation avoid creeper.  I bargained for a $25 dance for one song and we sat down in the middle of a song and he started getting touchy before I even took off my lingerie.  I really hate when guys try to make me work for more than what we agreed to, especially when they try to touch my fucking pussy.

"Don't get used to that," I said as I stiffy grabbed his wrist.  "You're not allowed to touch me there."

"Oh but rules are meant to be broken."

Oh hell no.  All before my official song started.  I was so done with this SHIT.

I put my shoes back on, got up and said, "I actually need to pee, I've been holding it for a while, do you mind if I hit up the ladies room before we boogie?  I'll be right back."

I didn't mean that last sentence.  Or any of them, for that matter.  I just needed to get the hell away from him.  With all those other guys that could potentially pay me more AND behave better, my sanity alarms were all buzzing.

On my escape route, I ran into a frequent customer and he kept me occupied long enough for the creep I escaped from to see me dancing with him, and I looked at him like, "ha, fuck you, I'm dancing with him, not you."

So yeah, tonight was total victory.  I love my job.