Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where the hell have you been?

I've been observing markets.  Sorry, let me shake off the economics terminology.

In general, most people need to build back their spending power during the few weeks after Christmas and New Years.  So January ends up being slow in the club.  So I didn't go.

Let me tell you how broke I am... Just kidding.

I worked last Saturday and I earned well above average for that night.  I love it when it's super busy.  I always say, "I wish every night was like this!"

But that's pretty much the only day I've worked this month.  I'm gonna make up for it this coming weekend.  There is a big party in town, so I gotta rest up because it might be just as busy as last Saturday.  Last year, during the same week I broke record numbers for almost each night.  I'm praying for that kind of success this year.  PLEASE money gods!  I've been so good!

Seriously, I've been studying my ass off, hitting the gym, committing to this EARLY schedule that ruins my ability to stay up all night when I work.  I miss waking up at 2 in the afternoon.  But the sunshine makes up for it.  

I'll try to post sooner than later.  I'm feeling so optimistic.  I'd love to brag about what a great fortune teller I've become.