Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aw fuck yeah

Tonight was another easy night.  Well, my feet and the rest of my body are all worn out, but it's normal.

I've lost a little weight.  I'm looking a little leaner.  I quit eating bacon, despite how delicious it is.  Fuck I love bacon.  I like telling that to cops.

I wore some shiny blue pumps tonight and they aren't quite like stripper shoes, which made them harder to walk in.  I had to walk slower so I wouldn't trip.  But they looked so good, everyone was like, "oh cute shoes!  I would wear those out to the club."

Obviously not the strip club.  I thought about that for a little bit at work.  Why would I ever go to a normal club when I can just go to work, do the exact same thing and get paid for it?

I danced for a lot of younger guys, which seems strange because usually the pathetic old men or the vacationing businessmen are the big spenders.  The guy who spent the most on me gave me his phone number only for me to toss it into the empty red bull he drank and into the garbage.  He should know better.

Oh and some guy said he would have bought ten lap dances from me if only I had the little Square card reader.  I told him my inner businesswoman was kicking and screaming at me, telling me to get with the future.  Shit, shit, shit! Grr... Go to the fucking phone store, Bella.

Oh well, regardless, I still made a lot of money tonight.  I rock.  I'm fucking sexy and the summer is over so things are picking up.  Yay!