Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wow, I did awesome!

I worked early last night to compromise with my daytime sleep cycle.

To my surprise, I did exceptionally well for the time I worked.  I went home with almost 3 hours left.  I could've made bank but I didn't wanna pass out suddenly.

The club was really busy, and a lot of girls didn't show up, probably because they were thinking it would suck like I did.

I wore a sexy pink bra and panty set and it was making me some killer money.  Hardly any down time for me.

Until I ran into this stupid douchebag.  Luckily I only encountered one, and I laugh at the way I handled it.  This little kid, maybe 20, said he was a writer and since I am a writer I had a soft spot.  But then his story turned out to be totally uninteresting to me, and he didn't strike me as an intelligent writer because he was having a hard time explaining what his future book was about.  He started dissing the club because he had high expectations.  He said that this club really isn't that much different, all the girls look the same, and because I wasn't in my teacher getup that night, he was disappointed.

So without saying anything, I just got up and walked away.  I didn't have time for that stupid shit.  Don't fucking insult me.  It's a strip club.  We are known for having the sexiest naked women in town, and if you don't like it, tough shit.  I'm sorry we don't have a giant fucking fountain of champagne, but that's a stupid waste of money.  This isn't the mafia's club.  Or is it?  I've never seen any mafia.

/shrug... We can't please everyone, I guess.  I doubt he will get published.  He wasn't very well-versed, but some writers are better behind a keyboard instead of face to face.  Maybe I have the best of both worlds since I practice meeting strangers and I blog all the time.  I should be on TV.  Why can't we have any dick heads in the TV business come to the club?