Monday, October 8, 2012

My stripper-ific wish list

I received a comment from anonymous asking where my wish list is.  Well blogger can't seem to show me how to make one anymore so I'll just make a post about it, and update it accordingly.

I ALWAYS want new stripper shoes!  I can't ever get enough.  They wear out or get dirty and nasty in like three months. I'm sure I could clean them and repair them, but why go through the trouble when $40 - $100 later I got a brand new set of heels?

Edit: I want my own pole with all the extras (brass instead of stainless steel, travel cart, LED light kit, white floor) I need to practice all the hard stuff at home so I don't look like I'm fucking up at work.

Here is a link to a pair I've been craving for a while.

EHH is not paying me to promote their website, but I gotta say this site consistently has the lowest prices and widest selection on the coolest shoes. 

Those EPIC rhinestone shoes  are $150 on this site, and good luck finding anyone else willing to sell them for that low.  The hustling shoe guy who comes to the club wants $220 up front for them, $300 for the 8-inch version, and he'll order your size and give them to you a week later.  FUCK THAT.  I hate him and I think he knows it.  He gets so pissed off when I come in to work with new shoes I bought online.  Sorry, they're cheaper - get over it or lower your prices.  

And I just noticed EHH now has the 6-inch pink rhinestone shoes that I have been WAITING FOREVER for!!! I think I know what I'm buying next... (edit 3:27 a.m. - I ordered them!) I don't care if a rhinestone pops out on stage and fucks up some girls shit.  Everyone at work has been so mean to me lately, except Pretzel, she's cool.

I'll look for some more shoes in a bit, but those three really have my attention right now.