Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well played.

Despite all the young kids that showed up, I didn't have a hard time making money tonight.  Even the young boys paid for their dances.

I was careful in choosing who to ask for dances, and it probably paid off.  I don't like asking random guys that might be total nightmares to dance for.  That's how I end up with guys that want to pinch my nipples off or make a dick sandwich with my butt cheeks.

One of the frequent visitors is real nice to me, and sometimes I talk to him out of character.  We like talking about nerdy, cool stuff.  I was chatting with him and he said he wasn't feeling the "good night" vibes.  He said, "I can just tell, the club is full of douchebags tonight."

Right, he was!  I got off to a great start - guys were overpaying for their dances, and I was loving it!  I was like, "Are you sure you don't want change?  Such a generous tip!  Thank you!"  But the guys that weren't doing that were the people complaining about the economy while sitting at the stage.  And I thought, "I know who's NOT getting a pussy flash." 

Apparently there is drama among the security staff.  My favorite valet and my favorite gay bouncer no longer work for the club.  I want to know why.  People are so afraid of running their mouths that no one will tell me.  They were cool.

Well, it's time to stretch my tired legs.  I need some strength and flexibility for tomorrow.  Hopefully I make more money.