Friday, September 21, 2012

I hate kids

I took a risk and it didn't pay off.  This kid was acting stupid.  I just wanted to fucking punch him.  And punch myself for not getting his money up front.  I got ripped off.  Luckily it was only ten minutes of my time, but I don't get those ten minutes back.  Ugh.  This hardly ever happens, so when it does, I get pretty upset.

I prefer older men.  At least they spend.  I caught a lucky break at the end with a "chain dancer." I made like half my money off him, which was surprisingly good.  

I told that stupid child that I was gonna make a lot of money, but not from his cheap ass.  I love being right.

But I don't trust any fucking kid I dance for anymore.  These little frat kids can all go to hell.  I hope that kid gets a DUI and serves jail time before he turns 21.  Hopefully he will lose his financial aid, because he needed it apparently.  I want him to suffer so bad.  Maybe two gay vampires will crash his big frat party he invited me to, fuck his ass senseless and drain him and his buddies dry.  Mmm.

Hopefully that will never happen again.  Money up front.  Why did I stray from that rule in the first place?  I gotta stop being so nice.  Nice = stupid.  I feel fucking stupid.  I don't like that feeling.

I know I will make up for it tomorrow night.  I'm gonna make so much fucking money I will have forgotten all about that stupid ass hole.  Probably not... But I learned my lesson.