Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally, I'm back.

I love financial aid. I have skipped work almost every night in the past two weeks.

But tonight I worked. Well, today. My sleep schedule is much earlier than it used to be. Working night shift is hard now. So I worked the day shift and made pretty good money to my surprise.

Men are still getting too close for my comfort, though. This means I still have some bit of my soul left. I'm not quite back into hustler mode yet. At that point I don't mind it too much when men get a little close. I feel like it takes me a good solid month of work in before I get that game back. But until then, I hate doing private rooms.

What is it with the private dances being where the money is at? I wish stage tips were bigger and I wish I could make way more than I do. That way I wouldn't have to do lap dances. No one likes them anyway.

I'm not a hooker like some of the dancers I work with, so when they expect more than what I want to give them, I am just a disappointment or a rip-off. I want my customers to feel like they were lucky to buy a dance from me.

God, is there such a fantasy strip club out there that I can work at and be happy? Where all the gentlemen are gentlemen, they look, feel and smell good, have no bills smaller than 5 in their fat wallets. And clean shaved, fresh breath, respectful and generous.

And in this club no dancer leaves work without making at least $500 without having to suck or fuck one cock. All of them would be super hot, smart and cool. None of them would be into pills, all of them would laugh at the mere thought of a guy offering them money for sex.

Also, the DJ would be super hot and play the best music to fuck to, playing up the mood of the place, enhancing business. The pole will be a spinning pole, because they're so much fun. No one would be a smoker.

God I fucking hate the way my hair smells when I get home from work. It still stinks after i wash it twice and condition it for the full 3 minutes. I've tried all kinds of shampoo and none of them can really get the smell out.

It smells like that perfect blend of a carton of cigarettes, other bitches' hairspray and what I like to call whore spray. That fucking cheap body mist crap. The girls are so fucking ignorant with that shit. They'll spray about 20 times the needed amount. And then I can't breathe in the dressing room.

Oh and they'll do it while I'm eating too. Or they'll smoke in the dressing room where there is a sign that says no smoking in the dressing room.

Some girls just really need to screw on their heads a bit tighter.