Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mouth health

I saw the dentist earlier today.  Overall, my mouth is in good health.  The hygienist told me I had lovely teeth and I'll have lovely teeth when I'm old only if I keep up on the maintenance, which includes flossing once every 24 hours.

I suck at remembering to floss.  Ugh, it's so tedious.  But so necessary.   Whenever I get around to it, after I finish, I tell myself I should be doing it every day.

And as a stripper, it's important to have good mouth health.  Customers are often close enough to be able to smell my breath, so brushing teeth before work is in the "getting ready" routine.  I might as well add flossing to the mix.  

The dentist also asked me what was going on with my life.  I couldn't say much, honestly.  I guess I am kind of boring lately, in case you noticed my lack of activity.  I'm just in a big waiting phase, waiting for my school life to come back, getting lots of sleep and trying to mentally prepare myself for the busy life ahead. 

I'm thinking these are the right decisions to make.  I've gotta fix my life on paper, and I still need to make money.  I'm trying to keep that perfect balance.  It's tough.  I have to constantly work at it.  I guess that's life.  I'm resting, but hardly.