Saturday, June 1, 2013

A more summer-like pattern

Good god the club was depressingly slow.  Welcome to summer, folks.

At least I'm not in tornado alley, what shit their weather's been this past week.  While they're getting their roofs blown off, I'm stewing in the hot, humid south, thanking the air conditioning gods.

I hate it when guys catch on to the fact all the girls are doing shitty.  They start to think it's okay that we are doing bad and want to chat me up for free.  UGHH come on, chat me up while we dance, sheesh.  Any conversation that I do for free is such a waste of time.

One guy sounded like a journalist doing a story on strip clubs, so I made sure to be as uninteresting as possible.  His first question was, "What made you start dancing?"

My super obvious answer, "Because I needed money."

He was waiting for me to expand upon that idea.

"And there is great freedom, too."

He was confused.

"I have great freedom being able to choose my schedule.  I can skip a shift without calling out sick, I can show up late or early, it doesn't matter."

Then I thought, "Enough questions, let's dance."

So I asked him for a dance and of course he "couldn't afford one."


Tonight was such hustle fail, there were NO guys, and the few that came in were cheap, dirty pigs.

I was hoping a money prince would save my night, and the one guy who I thought would be that guy ended up having to leave because of his stupid pig friends.

Every customer I danced for got my "come back soon" line.  I need guys to come in this summer.  I can't go broke, I need to pay for college again.  Fuck.  I need a new envelope for "tuition."

I'm not giving up, I'm just simply not caring about the hard times of summer.  I need to work hard.  This month of May I skipped EVERY Thursday night, and I actually didn't do that bad for the month as a whole, even with that shitty mother's day weekend.  I'm probably going to stick to only Friday and Saturday and just turn it on for those two nights and rest up every other night.  I'm too exhausted to waste my time on the weeknights.

I've been keeping up with my workouts this week.  I felt very confident with my body, and it's been getting positive attention, so that's been getting me through the tough times.  Hopefully I will have a better summer than last year.  We shall see.