Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doing doubles

Tonight went well.  For most of the night, I paired up with our only Asian girl, and we danced for so many guys.  She is awesome, because her hustle is so different from mine.  I'm more subtle, and she is more aggressive so most of the time, she would pick out some guys and I'd tag along.

I'm not used to doing double dances.  I usually work alone, but I think I would enjoy working with her more.  Guys love us.  We tell them they get the best of both worlds.

And since she is Asian, I tell the guys I'm from Brazil so I'm just as exotic as her, hehe.  Most of the guys believe it, even though I don't look Brazilian at all, except for my butt.

This one couple from Venezuela said they loved my bum bum.  It's the butt lift working its magic.  :)

I'm happy I did well.  I want to work tomorrow night because it's Memorial Day on Monday, and the bouncer said it is always busy on that Sunday.  I could use a little bonus.