Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not so bad after all

A few days ago, I was bracing myself for the painful rent week woes, but this weekend turned out to be productive.  

So one of my readers posted a comment asking about the dynamics of stripper pay.  

I'll explain.  

Stripping can be great money when the stripper is on her game, the customers are spending, and the competition isn't outnumbering the customers.  That's a formula for stripper success.  

Every strip club encourages its customers to tip their favorite dancer.  It can be as little as $1, but the ballers make it rain.  Big bills are more appreciated, of course.  Money talks.  But stage tipping isn't the only way dancers make money.  There's a reason we all go, "Wanna dance?"

Every club is different on how lap dances are priced.  In some clubs, it's $10 per song.  In other clubs, it's $30 per song.  Some clubs have timed VIP rooms as low as $75 for 15 minutes.  The highest I remember seeing was $600 for an hour in the champagne room.  The dancer may or may not keep all the monies charged.

Some clubs take a flat "house" fee for the night.  Some clubs take a cut of each lap dance sold.  I prefer the flat fee, because it really feels like a total rip off to me, especially if I sell a lot of dances, that's a lot of my money being wasted on the club.  I think it's a unnecessary hustle to the very thing that keeps the club in business.  

For example, I used to work at a shit hole club that took $25 for every $75 room I did.  So I only got $50 when the guy paid $75.  So the club makes $100 if I sell 4 rooms.  And I only keep $200 out of the $300 spent.  It's too big of a cut.  I'd rather pay $42 every night whether I make $50 or $500.  My house fee should cover the wear and tear of the space I use, keep the lights on, and the staff paid.  It shouldn't go up just because I was having a good night.   

Income is not usually consistent.  There are good nights and three times as many bad nights.  As fast as I can make the money, it's coupled with the generosity and wealth of the crowd I'm given.  Sometimes every guy wants to buy a lap dance and other times, everybody's broke.  Sometimes guys are ultra resistant to tipping.  Which vexes me, but I can't let it drive me crazy.  I'm overjoyed when someone tips too much.  

Anyway, there's my digestion of how strippers get paid.  Hope it made sense.