Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fuck your birthday!

I cleaned up tonight.  ¡Muy limpia!

The biggest spender was a Mexican man from California.  I guess I was totally his type because I brought him to climax on accident.  I wasn't trying to.

I learned how to ask for a big tip in Spanish so I got paid a good tip, but not enough.  It's never enough.  But at least I didn't bang him.  I obviously didn't have to.  

I wore my pink sparkle heels and lingerie, which I believe helped me tonight.  Add to the broken record that pink makes money.  Weird how that works.  I think I'll try white tomorrow night.  White is the other moneymaker.  Or maybe pink and white polka dots.

The first compliment of the night was from this frequent visitor (not spender) who said I had the intelligent look.  I'll take it.  I honestly think intelligence is sexy.  I get excited when someone says they have a 4.0 or a masters or a doctorate.  

OMG I can't make one post about work without complaining.  So.  This fucking 21st birthday dude is trying to squeeze more time out of me by saying "...but it's my birthday!"  After he told me that for the third time, I felt so inclined to just blurt, FUCK YOUR STUPID BIRTHDAY!  Gawd!  IDGAF!  GO HOME AND JERK OFF! 

I think the birthday line should always be avoided in the strip club, after giving it some thought.  I was beginning to think he was lying since he had to remind me more than once that it was his birthday.  You don't have to keep reminding me.  It only reminds me that 21-year-old guys are fucking babies in the strip club with false senses of entitlement.  Another one ruins it for the young guys, sorry under-30 dudes.  

And I never got shit on my birthday.  My birthday was a shitty Saturday, which is sacrilege!  Saturdays are not supposed to suck, and the one that sucked was my birthday.  Nobody was tipping and I even had a little birthday girl ribbon on.  I should've went out and partied.  

So that was my night.  I worked.  Tonight worked overall.  To my surprise, rent weekend isn't failing me.